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Freelance SEO Consultant & Expert Services

Are you getting the traffic to your site that you should be? SEO is the sleeping giant of the marketing array that quietly and consistently pushes lots of traffic and customers to your website. 


If you are into your analytics, like our freelance consultants are, we are pretty sure that you'll know that the vast majority of your website traffic is derived from organic traffic. This is why as a company we love SEO so much. SEO can have the greatest impact on your website traffic because organic traffic is already your largest source of traffic. A small improvement in your sites online visibility can be a large slice of traffic.

Each and every consultant at Improve Marketing is an SEO expert who will help you to achieve this. We will improve your sites overall traffic by optimising your website to rank more highly within search engines.


We do this by firstly reviewing and assessing your websites strengths and weaknesses then creating bespoke campaigns that help you to achieve your traffic and business goals. 


If you need lots of high value web traffic, the best thing that you could do to improve your business is instruct an Improve Marketing SEO expert to create a strategy for your website and increase its visibility online. 


Utilising a network of highly skilled freelance SEO's, content marketers and outreach teams we deliver high value, successful SEO campaigns at the best prices. By using freelance SEO's and digital marketing specialists we are able to provide these services without the overhead of traditional SEO agencies. Better priced SEO's from expert Freelancers. 

If you want to wake up the sleeping giant of your marketing array and drive more traffic and customers to your website get in contact with us and speak to an expert freelance SEO consultant today.

All of our SEO consultants and team are UK based. They are experts in SEO. We don't like jargon, we like to keep SEO simple and successful. If you are interested in improving your websites visibility in search engines get in contact with one of our team today.

We'll even audit your website for free. ​

Do you want to know more about our services? You can read more here: ​



Or contact one of our consultants today and arrange your free SEO audit. Contact us by clicking the button below.

How we work


Our SEO audits are all about getting to know you and your website. We'll look at everything from your technical SEO to your back link profile, the user experience to your content. Our audits are thorough and the critical starting point that will help us direct and deploy the right strategy for you. 



With a firm understanding of your website confirmed we'll be able to focus your business on the keywords and phrases that will help raise your online visibility to your perspective clients. We'll create a content strategy, we'll identify opportunities and create a road map to achieve it. 



From the creation of links to the production of content we'll optimise your website to get the traffic that your business needs.  With analysis and reporting, you'll understand what worked and see the results. Our SEO is highly effective, we help companies like yours succeed online.

Our Approach to SEO

From local SEO to international strategies our SEO consultants have worked with business large and small to help raise their visibility online. Our approach to our SEO services is one of longevity, we work in line with Google's guidance providing 'white hat' SEO services that are effective. We are expert in our field.

All of our SEO consultants are based in the UK. Our team is based in Suffolk and London but we regularly work with businesses from all over the UK. 

From the initial audit to the delivery of the strategy we like to keep SEO simple. We don't use complicated language and our no nonsense reporting allows you to track our effectiveness whilst understanding the process. We take our clients on the journey. Whether it is working with an in-house marketing team or with a business owner, we'll work with your website developers or team to make the changes that are necessary to make your business thrive online. 

Our approach to SEO can be summarised as expert, ethical, effective and enduring. If you want to make your business successful online, why not get in touch with one of our freelance SEO consultants today. We provide expert SEO Services. Get the customers that your business deserves, contact us today

SEO Consultancy Services

Improve Marketing is a fully integrated creative, SEO and digital marketing consultancy made up of highly skilled experts who are top in their respective fields. We thrive on making companies successful by improving their marketing. If you would like to work with an Improve Marketing SEO Consultant that ensures stand out and results then contact us today.

SEO Consultancy case study:


Client: Scuderia Car Parts

Campaign: Global SEO strategy and implementation.

Sector: Performance Car Parts


Working as a freelance SEO consultant, alongside the digital team we created an SEO strategy that drove web traffic up by 25% in under 6 months, revenues driven by organic traffic have doubled and site revenues as a whole increased with record breaking positions and traffic in all international markets. 

Actions: SEO Strategy, Website usability (UX), SEO Implementation, Content Marketing, Outreach & Link Building.

Ash Khungar

Head of Digital Marketing

Scuderia Car Parts: 

It is clearly evident that Paul has a vast amount of digital marketing experience however, his ability to apply this knowledge into results that truly matter is remarkable. In our short time collaborating together for a fast-moving company with aggressive targets, we achieved double-digit sales growth. I would not hesitate in recommending Paul for any marketing project and I look forward to working with him again in the future!



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