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Internet Marketing Consultant

Internet Marketing & Digital Marketing Consultancy

Hello, I am Paul Lymer. I am the principle internet marketing consultant and founding director of Improve Marketing. 

Personally, I have worked within the marketing and digital marketing sector for over 25 years working with a huge range of businesses of every size across every industry and sector. From Retail to FMCG, Leisure to Technology I have worked with new and established businesses big and small, growing them and helping them to do better marketing. 

My experience spans sales, agency, client and now consultant side. I now own my own business, Improve Marketing, where our objective is to help businesses be better by doing better marketing. 

Over my career I have seen the marketing landscape change dramatically. Bricks and mortar stores being overtaken by their online cousins, the rise of social media and of course the internet being responsible for most of that change. For your business to succeed it is more important than ever to have a well thought out, consistent and effective internet marketing strategy. That is where we can help.

At Improve Marketing, I lead a team of consultants and internet marketers who help businesses like yours to thrive on the internet. The internet is growing and so is a business’s reliance upon it. To succeed on the internet, you must be competitive, organised and a master of the various tactics and strategies that are required to prosper on the world wide web. From SEO to website design, email marketing to UX and CRO we have the expertise to help your business thrive online. 

Our team of internet marketing consultants can help your business to do that. At Improve Marketing we help business grow via internet marketing. 

If you would like to work with me, an internet marketing consultant that is driven to help your business grow, then get in contact with us and let’s organise a free consultation to discuss how we can help your business prosper in the competitive space that is the modern day internet. 


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If you are looking for a Marketing Consultant that can help you grow your business get in touch right away.

Why Hire an Internet Marketing Consultant?


Cost effective out-sourcing 
An internet marketing consultant can be brought into to manage a channel or all your internet marketing strategy on a day by day basis, project or long-term hire. The resource can be turned up or down as required and is usually much more cost effective than a permanent internal hire. There are no ongoing expenses. 

Internet Marketers are specialists 
Internet marketing is all consuming, you must live it, breathe it and be delivering it all of the time to know what the most effective strategies are and how to best utilise them. Internet marketers are specialists, they bring specialist skills that are usually much more advanced than your team may already have. 

They bring innovation 
Staying ahead of the curve is critical to a good internet marketing consultant. Understanding the latest platforms, strategies, what can hurt your business and what can make it prosper are essential skills. Internet consultants must be better than their competitors. They have to innovate. 

Huge experience 
Internet marketing consultants work across a wide variety of sectors and channels. They have done so for many years; they know what works and doesn’t work reducing the opportunity for costly mistakes and improving the likelihood of success. When you hire a consultant, you buy that experience. Experience that is has been hard earned. 

Your competitors already are
Your competitors have probably already hired an internet consultant to manage their marketing. Whether they are using a specialist team to manage a channel or their complete marketing requirements they are taking advantage of this opportunity, so must you. 

A better ROI
Internet marketing consultants deliver a better return on investment. They know what works, what doesn’t and the short cuts that will deliver growth and performance more quickly. Consultants need their clients to make money, they can achieve it faster and with the minimum of management or cost. 


Principle Internet Marketing Consultant

Paul Lymer is the principle marketing consultant and founding Director at Improve Marketing. Consulting and working within the marketing and advertising industry for over 20 years he was worked with large and small business in the UK and overseas helping to create and execute marketing strategies that drive growth. 

 Discuss your Marketing project with Paul >

Why choose me as your Internet Consultant?


Successful Marketing Director who has directly managed and delivered multi-million-pound internet marketing budgets. 

Huge range of experience from E-Commerce to Lead Generation across all industries and sectors and business sizes. 

A marketing strategist at heart with experience in creating online brand, marketing and advertising strategies. 

A ‘sleeves up’ knowledge and understanding of all digital marketing channels from SEO to conversion rate optimisation. 

A passionate and enthusiastic internet marketer who loves to build businesses and with a proven track record of growth.  

Board experience of medium sized (£30m turnover) ecommerce businesses targeting customers in the UK and overseas. 

Who I have worked with


Paul spent thirteen years agency side where he was a board Director and head of department (Digital) at Rathbone Media and RP2. Throughout his tenure, some thirteen years, he was successful at promoting and growing companies across a wide variety of sectors including; Retail, Food & Drink, Leisure and B2B. Cont'd

Martin Cole - Partner RP2 Media


It is clearly evident that Paul has a vast amount of digital marketing experience however, his ability to apply this knowledge into results that truly matter is remarkable. In our short time collaborating together for a fast-moving company with aggressive targets, we achieved double-digit sales growth. I would not hesitate in recommending Paul for any marketing project and I look forward to working with him again in the future!

Ash Khungar - Head of Digital Scuderia Car Parts 

Paul spent nearly four years leading the Go Ape Marketing team where he took on the role of Head of Marketing and latterly Marketing Director. Paul was also a member of the Go Ape Management Board responsible for managing the day to day operations of the business and delivering the strategy as directed by the Board of Directors. Cont'd

Rebecca Mayhew - Founder Go Ape


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