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Marketing Consultant

Freelance Marketing Consultancy & Marketing Management

Hi, I am Paul Lymer. I'm the principle marketing consultant and founding director of Improve Marketing.

Throughout my marketing career, some 20 years+ experience working with brands and SME's. I have worked within a wide range of sectors including; Retail, Leisure, FMCG, Automotive, Services and B2B.

I have worked with small companies, helping startups to launch and get off the ground. I have also worked with well established companies and helped them to develop brand and or move into new markets and overseas. I have built, trained and monetised digital departments within agencies. I have also re-organised the marketing functions within a business building in-house agency style communications teams.

More recently I have set up my own business. A business that is dedicated to offering the best freelance marketing services for hungry and ambitious businesses like yours. 

I consider myself a growth marketer, I enjoy seeing businesses grow and expand. In all of my roles I have been successful at driving growth and increasing revenues. I make sure that every marketing pound spent delivers maximum impact and return. From marketing strategy to planning advertising campaigns, digital marketing to brand strategy my team and I provide Marketing Director level consultancy for our clients. This can be in the form of extra resource, supplementing your teams skills and experience or as a sole marketer helping you to promote your business with a successful marketing plan. 

I spend most of my time commuting between Suffolk & London however we do work with businesses all over the UK from Cornwall to Scotland, distance is not relative in the modern world of communications. 

If you would like to work with me, a passionate and enthusiastic freelance marketer who has a working knowledge across all channels or one of my team then why not get in touch and we will come straight back to you. 

Why Hire a Freelancer?


Affordable Outsourcing
An outsourced freelancer, as opposed to an employee doesn’t come with overheads. You simply pay for the work, services and time that you need. Hiring a freelancer is sometimes more cost effective than employing an in-house resource. Outsourcing is affordable.


Flexible and Hard Working
A freelancer can be hired on a day rate or on a project by project basis providing a flexible solution to your requirements. We always work hard to impress to our clients. Not all projects and tasks require a full-time employee. Freelancers work hard to get more work.


Less Management
Instead of engaging a full-time member of staff, you can conveniently work with an external freelance professional on a per project basis. As managers ourselves, consultants cut to the chase, communication is key, we can work independently or as part of a team. 

No training required
Freelance marketers are already fully trained, so there is no need to go through laborious training schedules. Freelancers are professional marketers, we can hit the ground running bringing specialist skills and an in-depth knowledge from the get-go. 


Always Innovative
As a freelancer we have to be innovative. As entrepreneurs we know that staying ahead and innovation is the what our clients want, we bring fresh ideas, new technologies. Being a freelancer demands being cutting edge, we have to be on top of our game.   


Highly Experienced
By hiring a freelancer you get to tap into a huge amount of experience, experience earned from working across many industries and sectors. We have worked with large companies and small. Start ups to international conglomerates. We already know how to improve your business.

Why choose me as your Marketing Consultant?


Accomplished marketing director with first hand experience of creating and executing successful marketing programs

Wide experience of industries with proven success in the Retail, Automotive, Leisure, FMCG, Services and B2B sectors

Expert senior strategic experience in brand, marketing strategy and planning used to handling budgets large and small

In depth knowledge of end to end marketing management practices, systems and tactics across all formats

Solutions driven, passionate and enthusiastic marketer who loves to help businesses grow and exceed their targets

Board level director who has sat on the boards of multi-million pound international businesses

Who I have worked with


Paul spent nearly four years leading the Go Ape Marketing team where he took on the role of Head of Marketing and latterly Marketing Director. Paul was also a member of the Go Ape Management Board responsible for managing the day to day operations of the business and delivering the strategy as directed by the Board of Directors. Cont'd

Rebecca Mayhew - Founder Go Ape


Paul's passion, dedication and motivation knows no bounds. They make every project a truly fabulous experience to be a part of and can take direction with a problem solving mentality and a clear precise vision. Working with Paul always is a real pleasure that you can't really class it as work, more a hobby!

Helen Durant - Marketing Director Hi-Tec

Paul spent thirteen years agency side where he was a board Director and head of department (Digital) at Rathbone Media and RP2. Throughout his tenure, some thirteen years, he was successful at promoting and growing companies across a wide variety of sectors including; Retail, Food & Drink, Leisure and B2B. Cont'd

Martin Cole - Partner RP2 Media


If you are looking for a highly experienced marketing professional get in contact now  

07388 927873

Improve Marketing, Mill Ln, Cavendish, Sudbury, 

Suffolk CO10 8BJ

A bit more about me and my career so far... 


I have always been interested in marketing and I am the guy that makes my family watch the TV ads instead of fast forwarding them. Of course they love me for that...


My career in marketing and advertising started some 20 years ago with a job application to the Daily Mail Group of newspapers, a young guy and still not sure what I exactly wanted to do I had heard that advertising was exciting so perhaps here's the place for me to start. The newspaper business was fun and I learned a lot, but mainly I learned that I didn't want to be confined to one or two channels I wanted to work across every channel so an agency life was the choice for me. 


I moved to Rathbone Media and into the London advertising scene under the mentorship of ex-Saatchi director Geoff Cole with whom I set about learning the advertising industry. At Rathbone we were not confined to one media or channel, we created campaigns that spanned regional and national press, radio, cinema, direct mail, TV and of course digital. I cut my teeth here and quickly progressed through the ranks.


The agencies portfolio of clients and was wide too; with retail, leisure, FMCG and B2B. In the thirteen years that I spent consulting for clients at Rathbone Media I got to sharpen my skills as a marketer and help build a great business eventually sitting on the board of directors at Rathbone and eventually RP2.


Whilst at Rathbone I was also responsible for the creation and development of the digital department, recruiting and training a great group of people, eventually building a team that pitched, won and managed over £1m of digital spend per year, in just a couple of years.

Eventually I wanted to take the step to client side. So I moved to Adventure Forest to head up the Go Ape and Air Space brands as 'head of' and eventually marketing director at the aptly named Banana HQ in Suffolk. Again sitting on the management board we helped to direct and develop this multi-national leisure business with four years of strong growth and a lot more tree time under my belt. Go Ape was a great adventure and I met a lot more brilliant people too. 


In my twenty years as a marketer and consultant I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best marketing, advertising and business people that I could have hoped for, I guess that some of their entrepreneurial spirit must have rubbed off. Because now I have set up my own marketing consultancy, and gone freelance doing what I love most..


Helping businesses improve their marketing.


I am Paul Lymer a freelance marketing consultant and founding director of Improve Marketing. I work between Suffolk and London but look after the marketing and communications for businesses all over the UK. Why not get in touch and let's talk about your business and how we can help you?

If you are looking for a highly experienced freelance marketing consultant get in contact right away. 

07388 927873

Improve Marketing, Mill Ln, Cavendish, Sudbury, 

Suffolk CO10 8BJ